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In addition to normal loans, there are also loans of a special kind that are not accessible to everyone – just in certain situations or for certain people.

As is well known, there are many types of credit that are issued by banks: overdraft or consumer credit are just two examples in a series of many. This series also includes special types of credit that banks generally only refer to as special loans. Now the question arises, what is special about these loans and what is involved with them. In general, one can differentiate between special loans: loans that have a specific purpose or loans that are only given to special persons or groups of people. Special loans from banks have the characteristic that a specific project should be successful in financing, that it is not used in everyday use.


Special loans for certain people

Special loans for certain people

Special loans that are only intended for certain people are, for example, student loans or official loans. These two are among the best known under the term special loans. Although a student loan can also be used to finance a specific project, the study, it is preferably a loan with certain conditions that is intended especially for the group of students. Student loans are not only issued by many banks, Transaction Secure Bank also makes this type of loan available to students. A special feature of student loans can already be seen in the payment method. Usually, the approved loan amount is paid out in full at the beginning of the term, but for student loans it is a monthly payment in installments that the student receives.


The official loan

official loan

The civil servant credit, as the name suggests, is only given to civil servants or to people who work in the public service. Only this group of people can apply for such a special loan. The peculiarity of the official loan is that the borrower gets special conditions, more favorable conditions than a non-official would get. As described above, the special loan can not only be special because it is only given to a certain group of people – the purpose of a financing project can also be a sign of a special loan.


Special loan for certain purposes

Special loan for certain purposes

One of these peculiarities of the purpose is the business start-up loans, of which there is a very wide range. However, car loans, various promotional loans from Transaction Secure or a securities loan also belong to the special loans division. As is well known, it is always a big and often difficult step for self-entrepreneurs to start up. The state and Transaction Secure are supporting this step with start-up loans. Loans of this type are characterized by the fact that the entrepreneurs are supported in so far that the loans have a long term and do not burden the entrepreneur on his way to self-employment. The securities loan is a special loan in that it is closely tied to a certain financing project.

For the first time, this does not sound very special when it comes to securities loans, but there is something else: If securities are financed by a loan, the securities must be used as security for the bank – they are pledged. The interest charge and other conditions for a security loan are also different from those for a conventional installment loan. The Transaction Secure Bank promotional loans in particular also count among the special loans. These promotional loans are normally applied for through the house bank. An online application can now also be made, but it is advisable to hold a consultation before applying – just with the customer advisor at the house bank.

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