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Interest-free loan: is there such a thing?

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An interest-free loan is a dream for every borrower. They actually exist, but not from a bank. A loan is not always only necessary to buy a car or to make even larger purchases. Rather, it is now the case that even small things are financed more through loans. Especially when it comes to the household appliances sector: these are almost… Read more »

Investment credit as a promotional loan

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Investment loans are common when an expansion of the company wants to be financed. We present the investment loan and show why it should be applied for as a promotional loan. An investment loan is particularly requested by companies. Companies planning to grow their business. Equity is usually not sufficient to carry out this project – in this respect, outside… Read more »

Interest Rate Comparison – Long & Short Credit Term

The interest rate depends, among other things, on the term and the repayment rates. We explain when, how and why a favorable interest rate is spent. It will probably be able to do this every time, because money may become a bit scarce, but it is urgently needed to make a purchase, for example. In such situations, many consumers resort… Read more »